Talk about Tektro R313 caliper brakes working great!

This is because the combination of Tektro R313 and Shimano R55C4 brake shoes works well. The standard of “good effect” is different for each person, but when you grip the brake lever, you don’t feel “gnarly”, but you feel “stiffness”. It is not a problem when I brake when I am riding at about 30km/h on a flat road.

Tektro R313 Carry-per Brake

Shimano R55C4 Brake Shoes Silver

Prior to replacing with the above, I was using a combination of Tektro R540 and R55C4 brake shoes. It works better than this combination. The wires are exactly the same.

When I thought about why, it seems that the R540 was affected by running in puddles and the moving parts of the brake calipers themselves were dirty and not moving properly.


Originally, the R313 came with P473 brake shoes, which are not the cartridge type.

I assumed that maybe it wouldn’t work very well, but I was wrong.

It works as an impression that I ran about 60 km by exchanging the front and back according to the manual. However, I feel that the R55C4 brake shoe works better. Still, it doesn’t feel like “it doesn’t work very well”


And, although there may not be many people who change the caliper brake body as often as I do, the reusable cap is useful. This allows you to replace the brake body without having to cut the inner cable so the inner cable doesn’t get shorter.

KCNC Thread Lock Inner Cap