I’ve been researching the differences between the Shimano RD-TY500 and RD-TY300.

RD-TY500 and RD-TY300 are the same TOURNEY series rear derailleur’s.

What’s the difference? We looked into it.



model number

Except for the three-digit numbers “RD-TY500-SGS” and “RD-TY300-SGS”, all alphabetic characters are identical.

Maybe, it is the same TOURNEY series, but the model number with more digits may be higher version. The reason is … only RD-TY500-SGS has “Wheel Type Cable Guide” (to reduce resistance of inner cable).

You will find explanations on the following pages.

Wheel Type Cable Guide – Shimano

Product Specifications

We compared the “Product Specifications” on the official manufacturer’s page.

RD-TY300-SGS – Shimano

RD-TY500-SGS – Shimano

The only difference in the product specifications is that it is available with or without the “Wheel Type Cable Guide”.

Appearance differences

I can clearly see that the RD-TY500-SGS has a guide pulley and the letters “6/7SPEED SHIMANO” have a white background and black letters. Maybe there are some minor differences, but I couldn’t tell the rest.

Price Difference

Amazon prices (as of 5/29/2022) are…

RD-TY500 1,527 yen

RD-TY300  ¥1,391

This was the result.

What’s your experience with the RD-TY500-SGS?

I replaced the minivelo (talk about customizing a minivelo (Bridgestone F6F) to single speed) when I asked for an overhaul.

The overall impression is bigger than the Tourney RD-TY21 I’ve been using. The pulley is also bigger.

Tourney RD-TY21

I feel the shifting performance is smoother and lighter than RD-TY21 with “click-click-click”. It may be the effect of the “wheel type cable guide”. The shifting lever is SL-TX30-6R.