How to build a Heckler & Koch G3KA4-like electric gun

Disassemble the CA33KA3 electric gun, which is supposed to be modeled after the Classic Army HK33K, and just the handguard.

Classic Army CA33KA3 (HK33 Carbine) AEG

CA33KA3 hand guard

The handguard part of the Tokyo Marui G3 series electric gun is disassembled and joined with the handguard part of the CA33KA3.

CA33KA3 handguard and Tokyo Marui G3 series upper frame are gutted.

There’s a little gap…


Next, install the slide stock, lower frame, etc. At this point, I made sure the hop-up dial did not come in contact with the wiring and that I could turn the dial properly while working.

Hop-up dial.

Also, I had to remove the “mech box stopper” on the rear side to connect the wiring. Without this part, it cannot be fixed when the slide stock is extended.

Mechanical box stopper.
Incorporate the lower frame.
Connect the wires.
Install the mechanical box stopper.

The Nicoichi electric gun is complete.

The overall length was about 712mm (without the stock extended).

G3KA4-like electric gun is completed.

This time, the inner barrel used is from Tokyo Marui’s G3SAS electric gun.

Tokyo Marui H&K G3 SAS

The stock brass inner barrel length: 208mm and is short and deep.

The inner barrel length of the G3SAS is 208mm.

Therefore, there is a possibility that when you fire a BB round, it may hit the inside of the gun and not fire properly.