Let’s make an electric gun that looks like HOWA 5.56mm (20 type 5.56mm rifle)!

This page is a translation of a page originally in Japanese into English using a translation tool.

Source: Ministry of Defense website (Results of the selection of new important equipment, etc.)

A HOWA 5.56mm-like electric gun will be built using parts that can be purchased commercially. The image by Hyper Doraku is clear.


I got the junk from yahoo auction. (Rear sight and magazine catch button are missing.)

I’ve bought junk treated electric guns (this SACR-L and P90 on Yahoo! Auctions) that have not been tested to work, but both have been lucky enough to work fine. The result of buying a junk Tokyo Marui P90 electric gun on Yahoo!

Comment For the installation, I used a hex wrench set because of the run on the bank.

【AD】Kingsdun Hex Bar Wrench L-Wrench Precision Torx Wrench Set Hex Bar Wrench Set 8pcs

【AD】kingsdun 六角レンチセット 六角棒レンチ L型 (0.028-3/8in、0.7-10mm) 30pcs 黒

【AD】kingsdun Hex Wrench Set Hex Wrench L Type (0.028-3 / 8in, 0.7-10mm) 30pcs Black

Flash Hider

For starters, I installed a flash hider.

【AD】AABB M4SD 5.56mm Type Aluminum Flash Hider / 14mm Reverse Thread (CCW) (MS5)

How to remove the flash hider of the next generation SCAR-L


The HOWA 5.56mm magazine is similar to the MAGPUL PMAG with a window to check the remaining ammo. I also purchased a Rylux magazine adapter for the Next Generation M4 & SCAR-L because I believe it does not feed BB rounds.

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【AD】Making an M4 Magazine Adapter for a Next Generation Electric Gun

front sight

I will change the front area. I removed the front sight.

How to remove the front sight of the next generation SCAR-L

I installed a Lilacs SCAR Flat Top Kit instead.

I lost the thin stick that I don’t understand the red circle… It’s the one that clicks into place when adjusting the front sight for left and right wintage.


Next, remove the rails. The under rail can be removed with a T20 torx wrench. The material is machined aluminum.

For the side rails, a T20 torx wrench for the front and a 2.5mm hex wrench for the two rear rails were a good fit.

The manual says it is a plastic rail just like the real gun. Also, there is a note. The side rails cannot be removed. If you unscrew the screws, the internal parts will fall out and can not be installed. Please be careful.” But I want to make it look like HOWA 5.56mm, so I will remove it.

The side rails and under rails have been removed. The underrail parts in the red frame are too hard to remove by hand, so I used a pin punch to remove them. Punch! Pang! I had to hit it with a pin punch to remove it.

The aforementioned “Internal parts will fall off and will not be able to be installed.” I think that it is the “rail fixing parts” of the red frame. Remove the outer barrel because it is in the way.

For information on how to remove it, see the page on the right. Tokyo Marui SCAL-L Outer Barrel Replacement Method

【AD】This page is related to Real Outer Barrel CQC for SCAR-L replacement made by PDI.

If I replace it with this outer barrel, it will be HOWA 5.56mm CQC. I installed this outer barrel later.

The tools required are a hexagonal wrench (2.5mm, 3mm) and a Torx wrench (T20).

Now that all the screws have been removed, pull in the direction of the arrow to remove the upper frame. However, it does not come off. Something is stuck.

I forgot. I left the magazine adapter for the next generation M4 & SCAR-L attached. Pull it out with radio pliers.

We will now install the side rails and under rails.

The Howa 5.56mm rail is shaped like the M-LOK developed by MAGPUL. Also, the gas block is covered. I looked for a rail set similar to these and found them for sale.

CNC Production Aluminum CNC MRE M-LOK Rail Extension KIT Marui SCAR Series

Align the rail fixing parts with the holes and attach from the side rails. Tighten with a flathead screwdriver.

Now that the left and right side rails are installed, put the outer barrel back on. Put the chambers back in and put them together so that the bolt handle will work.

Move the bolt handle back and forth to make sure it works properly. It moved.

Also install the MRE (M-LOK Rail Extension) which replaces the stock front cap. The bolt fits the hex wrench (3mm). The M-LOK 1 slot is added in such a way that it covers the gas block. I installed M-LOK 3 slots there.

Then install the lower side. The bolt fit a hex wrench (3mm). The HOWA 5.56mm has a 5 slot rail on the end, but I could not mount it on the end.

The HOWA 5.56mm has what looks like a rail cover. To reproduce it, MAGPUL M-LOK Rail Cover Type 1 / Black (MAG602) is used.

When I installed it, the rail cover stuck out due to interference with the internal…When I installed it, the rail cover stuck out due to interference with the internal…


The HOWA 5.56mm comes with what looks like a flip up sight. I was unable to locate a similar shaped sight, instead I installed a PTS Enhanced Polymer Backup Iron Sight Set (EPBUIS).

You have to push it in from this sight end to get it in. Also disassemble the upper receiver.

It’s hard, but push it in.

I’m on it!


The SCAR-L has finger channels like the A2 grip. Also, the angle of the grip is different when compared to the HOWA 5.56mm. What was surprising to me when looking for similar shaped grips is that there are very few custom grips made for the next gen SCAR-L. A Japanese Google search for “next gen scar-l custom grips” (as of 2/25/2020) showed this page at the very top -> “New Product “Grip for Tokyo Marui SCAR” is on sale! | K Hobby …” It is 7,560 yen high and doesn’t seem to be sold now.

I try to put on the PTS EPG Enhanced Polymer Grip AEG for the Standard M4, which has a similar shape, but of course it doesn’t stick. I am not sure if I can cut it with a reuter, or if it will stick properly.

It is halfway, but it is the completion of the electric gun like HOWA 5.56mm rifle for the time being. It’s kinda like a SCAR-L Magpul custom…It is halfway, but it is the completion of the electric gun like HOWA 5.56mm rifle for the time being. It’s kinda like a SCAR-L Magpul custom…