Results of investigating the origin of the Shimano road bike component name

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The Shimano road bike component name comes from Shimano’s official page (Shimano 100th Anniversary Site | Product History | Shimano -SHIMANO-) and Wikipedia. I checked with the Bicycle Customer Service Center (0570-031961) for “105” and “Tiagra” that I couldn’t find by searching online. If you have any comments about the content, please comment.



It was a brand name that once played a role in developing the American market, and as the etymology of TOURNAMENT, it was named with Shimano’s strong desire to win the intensifying competition.

Shimano 100th Anniversary Site | Product History | Shimano-SHIMANO-TOURNEY(Translated by the author)



As you can see from the etymology of Clarity, we imagine a clear and beautiful landscape and appeal not only the fun of cycling but also the presence beyond the class such as its quality and value.

Shimano 100th Anniversary Site | Product History | SHIMANO-Claris (Translated by the author)



As a message to convey the charm of road bikes to many people, we imagined the scenery of road bikes running exhilaratingly under the clear blue “sky”, and named it the fun of bicycles that entry riders want to know. I did.

Shimano 100th Anniversary Site | Product History | SHIMANO-SORA (Translated by the author)



It is a coined word that combines the Greek mythology titan + integration. The reason was … unknown (> <)



It is derived from 5000 series aluminum alloy. If it’s just the number of digits, it’s long and it’s hard to remember overseas, so it’s “One O Five” to make it easier to remember. It is unknown whether 5000 series aluminum alloy is used for R7000 series 105.



A coined word of Shimano that combines Ultimate and Integrate.

Wikipedia Shimano Ultegra (Translated by the author)



The model name “Dura-Ace” comes from the material Duralumin, Durability, and “Ace” with the idea of being “the best in the world”.

Wikipedia Shimano Dura Ace (Translated by the author)