Have you ever been eaten japanese marugen tonkotu ramen?

Recently I ate Marugen’s tonkotsu ramen for the first time.

Tonkotsu ramen seems to have originated in Fukuoka, Japan.

There is a kind of tonkotu ramen called Iekei ramen.

Iekei Ramen originated in Yokohama.

Tonkotsu ramen and Iekei ramen use pork bones as the base of the soup.

What’s the difference between tonkotu ramen & Iekei Ramen?

Iekei ramen has thick noodles and you can choose the hardness.

It may contain spinach.etc.

I think there are other differences.

Marugen Ramen is a Japanese ramen chain store.

▼Official page

丸源ラーメン|熟成醤油ラーメン「肉そば」(Marugen Ramen | Aged Soy Sauce Ramen “Meat Soba”

The Marugen Ramen logo looks like the Japanese flag.

As of April 16, 2022, when this article was written, there are only 9 stores in Tokyo, and it seems that the closest store to Tokyo Station is the Marugen Ramen Nerima Sekimachi store.

Below is the location of the google map.

This is the menu.

I ordered the “fried rice dumpling set” circled in red.

It is 1,089 yen including tax.

I ordered soy sauce tonkotsu ramen.

+40 yen including tax.

At this ramen shop, you don’t buy meal tickets from vending machines.

I pressed this button and called the clerk.

came. Contains sesame seeds.

In Japan, as a greeting before eating rice, we say “Itadakimasu(いただきます)”.

I think that the meaning of itadakimasu is to thank you for being able to eat.

It’s tonkotsu ramen, so the taste is strong and I think it’s delicious.

This is fried rice.

After mixing the raw eggs.

This is fried gyozas.

In Japan, I feel that you can eat grilled gyoza more often than build gyoza.

Eat with soy sauce etc.

I think it’s delicious even if you mix soy sauce and vinegar.(vinegar=酢)

I think it’s rare to drink cold green tea.
Mostly cold water.

Most Japanese ramen shops have seasonings.

Enjoy changing the taste of ramen.

From the left, “fried garlic,” “toothpick,” “gyoza sauce,” “vinegar,” “ramen pepper,” and “chili oil.”

Chili oil is not an accurate translation.

Written in Japanese, it is “Dorodare raa-yu”.

There may not be a word that corresponds to English.

Add fried garlic to tonkotsu ramen and enjoy the taste of garlic.

Next, add chili oil to make it spicy and enjoy the change in taste.

Finally I ate vanilla ice cream.

I think it’s rare to eat ice cream at a ramen shop.

This may be the most delicious.

The price is 107 yen including tax.

I’ve finished eating everything.

In Japan, the greeting after a meal is called “gotisousamadeshita”.

“Gotisousa made shita” expresses gratitude to those who prepared the meal.
The following pages are in Japanese, so please translate them with Google Translate.

「いただきます」「ごちそうさま」本当の意味、語源・由来(”Itadakimasu” “Feast” The true meaning, etymology and origin

What do you say before or after a meal in your country?

If you ever come to Japan, why not try tonkotsu ramen?