Introducing the cheapest breakfast menu at the three major beef bowl chain stores in Japan.

There are three major beef bowl chain stores in Japan, “Sukiya,” “Matsuya,” and “Yoshinoya.”

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The cheapest breakfast menu at those gyudon chain stores is Matsuya’s
Egg over rice that you can choose with W(japanese)” Rice mini 260 yen (tax included).(as of 2022/4/24)

The contents of the set are as follows.

White rice and miso soup
Soft-boiled egg (You can also choose raw eggs)
Beef (small bowls can be selected)

The set contents of white rice and miso soup is a Japanese-style breakfast.

If you come to Japan, why don’t you try it?

Is there any country other than Japan that eats white rice?
If you eat white rice in your country, please comment,