Introducing Yokohama Iekei Ramen, Shoya, Gunma Prefecture

Iekei ramen originated in Yokohama, but you can also eat it in Gunma prefecture.

It is a Yokohama iekei ramen shop.
Map is here.

Buy food vouchers at the vending machine.

That is the menu.

I ordered the same amount of ramen soy sauce (750 yen) and rice (50 yen).
The total amount is 800 yen.

You can choose the thickness of the noodles from medium-thick noodles to thin noodles.
I chose thin noodles.

You can also choose the hardness of the noodles (hard, normal, soft), the strength of the taste (strong, normal, soft), and the amount of oil (large, normal, low).
I chose all normal.

I came. Contains glue, char siu, quail eggs and spinach.

The topping contains sesame and black pepper.
I put it in.

The impression I ate is that it has a strong taste.
Why don’t you try Iekei Ramen when you come to Japan?