About my favorite FSA Omega Stem (60mm)

I would like to introduce my favorite FSA Omega stem (60mm) that I use to get closer to my road bike handlebars.

Here it is.

【AD】FSA OMEGA Black 31.8/60 Stem Small

There are five reasons why it’s my favorite. I’ve written them below.

Reason 1: The bolts are silver and the paint won’t peel off.

The bolts appear to be chromoly.

If the bottle is black, the paint may peel off after repeated removal.

Reason 2: It feels beautifully made.

I bought this stem used and there are no burrs on the stem itself and the color is chic black, not shiny.

Reason 3: The center of the stem cover is not covered, making it easier to align with the center of the handlebar when installing.

As you can see below, the handle is visible so you can easily see the center part.

Reason 4: The design is comfortable even if it is attached to the handle upside down.

There are two FSA logos on the cover of the stem and on the side of the stem itself, upside down.

Reason 5: Information such as tightening torque is shown.

The tightening torque for the bar and handle clamps on the stem body is 6Nm. Furthermore, the length is 60mm, the angle is +/-6° and the handle clamp diameter is 31.8, which is helpful information.

【AD】FSA OMEGA Black 31.8/60 Stem Small